International Training Program

  • International Candidates
    • Hands-on Practical Training for International Candidates

      Frenchman's Creek provides hands-on practical training which supplements an individual's education and experience. This training can last up to 12 months in various operating departments - kitchen, food and beverage service & administration, golf operations and golf course maintenance.

      Frenchman's Creek gives trainees the opportunity to experience first-hand one of the unique aspects of American culture; the private residential country club community. It is only a matter of time before this type of model is seen abroad. When this happens, trainees will be sought out by companies in their country, as they will have the necessary experience for any future country club communities. This training gives individuals the tools necessary to gain a competitive advantage for country clubs/golf clubs in their home country.

      Based upon performance, aptitude, and skill levels, some trainees are selected to receive additional training in clubs or hotels in other parts of the United States.

      Our quality-driven service standards and positive work environment fosters entrepreneurial skills that will enhance an individual's experience.

  • Training Programs
    • The training offered by Frenchman's Creek is hands-on practical training. While individuals are selected for several areas, the three main areas where most individuals train are Food & Beverage service and administration, the kitchen, and golf departments.

      The overall goal of our training programs is to expose trainees to the day-to-day activities that take place in their departments while initially providing individuals with American standards of service to enhance their own knowledge and experience.

      During this training, individuals are exposed to American hospitality in a private residential country club community. Each year beginning in October our new trainees join us. During the course of the training program, trainees will participate in theoretical courses 2 to 4 times per month according to the level of business.

  • Visa Information
    • Frenchman's Creek knows that leaving home and coming to a new country is not easy. We try to make this process as easy for our trainees as possible, which is why we provide assistance with visas. Our Human Resources Department keeps in constant contact with trainees to give them an update as to what is needed and to keep them informed as to what stage their paperwork is in.

      We utilize visa-sponsoring agencies that process all of the necessary documents that the trainee must take to the U.S. Embassy in their country. The training period can last 6 or 12 months. The total visa process can take between 3 and 6 months, which is why it is important to provide all documentation requested no later than any deadlines given by our Human Resources Department.

  • Experience & Education
    • There are several prerequisites as mandated by the U.S. Department of State for obtaining a J1 Visa and trainees must meet these requirements.

      The applicant must:

      • For applicants who have completed a three year apprenticeship program they will also be required to have at least two years of work experience in addition to their apprenticeship, and/or
      • Have five or more years of working experience in the field of hospitality, kitchen, or sports management.
  • How to Apply
    • Our season begins in October and so does the training. We begin our recruitment in February of every year to ensure the timely arrival of our trainees in October. The visa process can take more than three months, which is why it is imperative to meet any deadlines given by our Human Resources Department.

      All applications must have the following items. Applications with any of these items missing will not be considered.

      When applying for our training program, please provide the following information in English:

      • Current CV and certificates
      • Two letters of reference (one from your current employer & one from your past employer)
      • If you are attending college, provide transcripts and a letter from the school that states you are a student
      • CLEAR copy of your passport (your passport must expire at least six months after the end date of your training. For example, training will begin in October 2014 and may end in October 2015, so your passport should expire at least April 2016)
      • A letter of intent (click here) for the list of questions that you must answer
      • Two passport photographs
      • Interview Questionnaire 

      Once again, you must provide all of this information, in English, for your application to be considered. By providing this information when applying for the training, you are one step closer to completing the visa process.

      Select your area of training and click on the link beside it to complete the appropriate questionnaire:

  • What We Offer
    • Hands-on Education & Experience

      The overall goal of the training program is to initially provide individuals with American standards of service to enhance their own knowledge and experience. The main objectives that trainees will achieve are to fully understand the day to day operations of the various departments within a hospitality setting and to understand the way the departments and divisions are managed.

      In addition, trainees will learn new skills and technologies, by being exposed to American standards of service and management styles that differ significantly from those in their home country.

      Finally, through daily interaction at the training site and in the local community, the trainee will gain a better understanding of American culture and society. The trainee's education and training will expose American associates to new knowledge of foreign culture and skills. Also, the training program will create an environment that promotes the open exchange of ideas between the trainee and the American participants


      Frenchman's Creek provides accommodations to our trainees. Four trainees share an apartment. The apartments are fully furnished and have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, dining room, and kitchen. Trainees will not pay rent but are required to pay a housing deposit that will be deducted through payroll.


      Frenchman's Creek provides transportation between the community and the provided accomodations. There is a designated area at the apartment complex where trainees will wait for the transportation. Each individual is responsible for knowing when their shifts begin. A driver will pick up trainees at least one half hour before shifts.


      We provide most of the uniforms.

      Meals on Duty

      Located at the Main Club is a cafeteria where the staff of Frenchman's Creek eats for free. Depending on a shift, trainees can eat before, during, or after their shift.