My husband, Herb and I moved to FCCC in 1993 after inspecting many similar facilities. As my Herb said when we were looking “If you can’t be happy at any one of these places there is something wrong with you”. The reason we chose FCCC was it seemed to be head and shoulders above all the other clubs starting with the choice and selection of homes. That had a lot to do with our choice initially, however we had no idea what awaited us in terms of the club itself. We were not golfers so the courses, as beautiful as they are, was not a real draw. The beach club was such a plus that no one else could offer. The original fitness center and club house are nothing compared to what they became. We didn’t realize the vision Mr. Goswami would bring with him and how everything just kept getting better. What became such a joy was the staff……from all over the world! We treasure these wonderful young people who make our life so special with their caring ways. Plus we have met many of their families when they come to visit their children and they have been a delightful addition to our lives. We feel so fortunate to have made such a good decision and every day are grateful for being so lucky.
I want to let you know how terrific the emergency medical team were when my husband had an incident last Tuesday. They were at my door before i hung up the phone and did everything efficiently and politely.  They got him to St. Mary's Hospital swiftly and one of the men even stayed with me to program the hospital route into my GPS and stayed until I pulled out of the driveway.   Thanks to them he was saved from major neurological damage.  I  will be forever grateful for this FC service.

I wanted to let you know how well the staff has been doing.

We've had some family in for my Mom's birthday. Kathy arranged a Spa day for my Mom and sisters. The service was outstanding and Tiffany made sure everything was taken care of- they were thrilled.

Last night we took everyone to the Grill room for dinner. Peter and Isabel took care of us. The service and food were excellent.


You guys!

Thank you so much for the cool (aesthetic AND temperature pun intended) shirt and hat!

What a great didn't need to do it. But, I am grateful.

I wasn't completely sure how our move across the country to a place where we knew virtually no one would go, but you guys have turned that around. I cannot wait to get to Frenchmans Creek full-time. The credit goes to the two of you for making me feel welcome and extremely special. I cannot wait for Mark to meet you guys and feel the warmth of Frenchman's Creek. This will truly be the best chapter of our lives.

Sincerely, Kevin.


Hotwire came on Thursday to install our CO detector and to make sure our test alarm panel was working correctly.  Thank goodness they did, because this morning, the CO detector went off.  I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off, so I called Security.  They sent an officer right away, and he dispatched the PBG Fire/Rescue team.  The Fire/Rescue team measured the CO level in the house, and it was high.  They opened all the windows and doors in the house to allow the CO to dissipate, and insisted on checking the level of CO in my blood, though I had no symptoms.  Peter and I are grateful beyond words that you and the Technology Committee pushed so hard to upgrade the community’s alarm/home safety systems and to include CO detectors as part of the program.  And we feel so fortunate that our house was an early installation.  Thank you!


As new owners, my wife and I are continuously amazed at the quality and efficiency of the Frenchman's Creek staff.  We recently did additional landscaping at our home on Verdun Dr., utilizing Brickman to do the work.  They did an excellent job and we would like to especially commend Danny Barnett for his professionalism and willingness to meet and exceed our expectations.  He has a most pleasing personality and is extremely knowledgeable of landscape design.  He helped us make use of the plants we had and suggested new plants to accent our yard.  He personally supervised all the work and made adjustments whenever needed or requested by us.  We could not be happier with Brickman and especially Danny.  Thank you for all you do to make our home ownership a truly Frenchman's Creek experience.

Fred and Laura

Dear Pamela,

As promised, I'm taking a few moments to give you my initial impressions of Frenchman's Creek grounds, facilities and staff members.

From my initial contact with Ms. Haut during the process of purchasing our new home, I was absolutely dumbfounded by the efficiency, manners and professionalism she exhibited in our correspondence - either by email or telephone. This was my initial entree into what has become a life-changing lifestyle for me. After the sale was complete, both you and Ms. Haut worked tirelessly to make sure my introduction into what can only be described as a phenomenal place to have a life, began.

As you know, we did not take the conventional road to Frenchman's Creek. Our move from Balboa Island (Newport Beach/Southern California) to Florida was precipitated by the traffic, over-crowding and generally poor air quality that we currently are experiencing here. As well, we have a boat that is ideal for smaller canals and the protected waterways that Frenchman's Creek and the intercostal waterway provide. So, when we purchased our waterfront home in Frenchman's Creek, we knew very little of the physical facilities and services that would be layed at our feet after the purchase.

I don't know how you all managed it, but the staff knew my name and face even before I had ever laid eyes on them. Remarkable! The level of politeness and everyone's service-oriented attitude was shocking to me. I have never before had this level of service before....and I have stayed in the finest hotels as far away as Tokyo and never been treated this well.

I must recount a quick story to you that you already know a little bit of the narrative. During my indoctrination meeting with the department heads of the club (golf, tennis, grounds, facilities, security, food/beverage, to name merely a FEW) to better become acquainted with me and my likes, I groused a little bit about the fact that I was having difficulty finding Pepsi Max in Florida, having only found it in one grocery store. Within in 90 seconds after the meeting was adjourned, one of the chefs (not a busboy or server, etc.) approached me with a can of Pepsi Max and a large glass with ice and a straw. While this might seem insignificant or trivial, it was fairly meaningful to me. "They care" was my only thought. Further, I took my sister to the Beach Club for lunch later that same day. Before I sat down, there was a Pepsi Max at my table......where on earth does service like this happen??? Frenchman's Creek, that's where!

I would like to say a little bit about the membership of Frenchman's Creek. I met or was introduced to about 10 people during my trip for closing on the house. I was impressed and more than a little surprised at how friendly and cordial everyone was. I even met a few of my neighbors that currently live on my street. They went out of their way to introduce themselves to me and offered any type of help they could offer.....that was impressive.

When the staff here say "Welcome Home" most every time they see you, they mean it! I expect Frenchman's Creek to be our home for the last and BEST chapter of our lives. One could make a great life behind the gates of Frenchman's Creek....and that's what we intend to do.

Thank you so very much,
Kevin and Mark
Dear Mr G, I am now 5 weeks into  my recovery journey and felt that it is imperative for me to write to you to express my gratitude for the care and kindness of the staff to me and my wife  during this very difficult period.

Kathy O’brien and the entire POA staff ,Andrea , Sue and Steve of food and beverage , Shams and Ergie in the 19th hole all have been so amazingly supportive and helpful to my wife each and everyday , helping her take care of me.

I would be remiss however if I did not mention Darren at the front desk , every time i would call in to be greeted by such a gracious reception brought a smile to my day.

And then what can I say about Steve Thompson , what an amazing caring individual he is, nothing is too much and nothing ever phases him.

I am truly grateful and appreciative and it is troubled and difficult times like this that one really understands how special and unique this place really is.

This entire staff and their service , genuine caring and demeanor is a credit to your leadership.  

Best wishes Dr Mel

What a wonderful surprise to see the plaque on my locker for my Club Championship Class 2 victory last season.  It sent me right out to the putting green to practice!!  It's those little touches that are so important and make Frenchman's a wonderful women-friendly golf environment.  Please pass along my appreciation to all those that were involved in putting that sign on my locker.  I love it!