The Frenchman's Creek Fitness & Spa Center is a state of the art multifaceted facility that will meet the interests and needs of our members. 

The personal training staff are nationally certified and provide individualized instruction designed to meet fitness goals. Our certified trainers perform the role of educator, motivator and coach. No matter what your reason for personal training, a program can be customized for you.

We offer Weight Management, Tone Up & Shape Up, Sports Specific, Boxercise, Balance and Flexibility and Post Rehabilitation programs. As well as these programs we offer a wide range of fitness and wellness classes such as Pilates, Tai Chi, Yoga, Barrelates, Restorative Stretch, Zumba and Spin Cycle.

Wellness through aquatic exercise is a unique way of exercise, because of the properties of water, you have a constant muscle load provided by the water through a full range of motion without all the stress on you joints. Benefits of aquatic exercise include burning calories, improved flexibility and balance, improving cardiovascular conditioning, increases muscular endurance and strength, providing buoyancy and support. Some of the fitness programs offered include Water Spin Bike Training, Swimming Lessons, Rehabilitation and individual training.

Gyrotonic is a holistic approach to movement that is designed to meet the needs of people of all ages and abilities. These exercises offer a balanced conditioning exercise that strengthens and lengthens the muscles and spine, while helping to repair muscle injuries. Gyrotonic specializes in golf exercises where they are designed to help incorporate the feeling of Gyrotonic exercises will help you get the feel of the correct golf swing. They are aiming to help train you to move your body differently and swing the golf club better.