Frenchman's Creek Beach & Country Club

Welcome to a premier beach club and luxury country club community in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Enter Frenchman’s Creek feel the warmth of home along with the energy of the great outdoor Florida lifestyle. Greeted by tranquil waterfalls amidst tropical greenery; the warmest of welcomes; you will know you have entered an exclusive country club community in its truest sense. At Frenchman's Creek Beach & Country Club you enter a world of first-class luxury service. From our private golf courses, tennis and fitness and spa; to all-inclusive offerings, our professional staff are here to serve you.

Palm Beach Gardens Luxury Homes

As a residents only, year round Country Club, Frenchman's Creek offers the finest private South Florida real estate and features some of the most elegant Palm Beach Gardens homes. Choose from a full spectrum of residences; from golf villas to custom ocean access estates and waterfront homes. Frenchman’s Creek Beach and Country Club is distinct from all the neighboring communities, not simply because of the homes, but because of its exclusive lifestyle that cannot be easily replicated.

The Country Club Lifestyle

Imagine a day that begins long before you do. While you're still resting in bed, the world-class professional serving staff at Frenchman's Creek is busy preparing a country club experience just for you. Begin your morning with a group fitness class at the fitness & spa center. Or perhaps you like to keep things customized with your personal trainer. After a quick shower off, it's time to refuel with complimentary breakfast and coffee served at the Frenchman's Creek Clubhouse every morning. Spend the afternoon relaxing by the resort-style pool to soak in the sun before meeting up with your neighbors for a round of golf or tennis. Head to the Beach Club for a dip in the Atlantic Ocean before an evening of dining and enjoying one of Frenchman's many club activities.

Live the Country Club lifestyle in Palm Beach Gardens. Frenchman’s Creek offers you dynamic five-star resort amenities including:

A Florida Beach Club

The private oceanfront Beach Club is a feature that’s unique to the community, but it’s just one of the ways Frenchman’s Creek is distinguished from other South Florida country clubs and real estate communities.

For More Information

Come enjoy the Florida lifestyle many only dream of. Welcome to Frenchman’s Creek Beach & Country Club in beautiful Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. For more information please call toll free (877) 781-7111 or visit

A Luxury Private Club Experience

We invite you to discover a Country Club community with standards set beyond five stars. At Frenchman's Creek Country Club, white-glove service and casual elegance go hand in hand. Only the world's best in hospitality fulfill your every wish - and no request is too big or too extravagant. As a Distinguished Club of America and America's Healthiest Club, The Frenchman's Creek lifestyle truly surpasses all your hopes and dreams for a living experience met by no other luxury community in South Florida.

These clubs are chosen as Distinguished Clubs based on an elite set of criteria and are held to the highest standards in the following categories:

  • A History of Excellence: The top private clubs have a proven history of excellence with many of them being founded over a century ago. Membership admission practices is deeply embedded in the fortunate few who belong to the club or have the privilege of working there.
  • Quality of Membership: A great club must acquire great members. Members accept and fit into the club's mission to transcend all discerning issues. Members revel in community with one another and respect the staff that serves them. They interact with the community, becoming a treasured facet of the community and treat the club's amenities as if they were their own. Quality members are proud of their life at the club and promote to it to prospective members.
  • Condition of Facilities: A distinguished club is more than just a beautiful clubhouse or a sweeping golf course. It's a total array of facilities and club offerings providing excellent fulfillment to its members in every activity and function. We invest in regular maintenance and supervision of all club grounds, plants and equipment. In other words, every bit of the club is maintained to the highest standards.
  • Caliber of Professional Staff: Frenchman's Creek Beach and Country Club is an environment where ladies and gentlemen serve other ladies and gentlemen. Professional staff exhibit excellence through meeting every request big or small. Employee turnover rate is low, if not non-existent, with staff members growing careers within the club's community. Additionally, the club's local community recognizes it as a good place to work with good pay, benefits and work environment.
  • Enlightened and Consistent Governance: A great club is a body of many working parts. Professional staff carry out the club's day-to-day activities at a high level of excellence. Meanwhile, club presidents, owners and directors work together to strategize and implement club policy. Boards work to drive progress in the club while ensuring that the board best represents the club as a whole.
  • Adaptable to Changing Times: All clubs go through periods of change. Frenchman's Creek Beach and Country Club recognizes change as a good thing and takes it as an opportunity to gain quality new members, strategize new policy and enhance the club experience for its members.
  • Member Devotion to their Club's Distinctive Culture: Club Members take great pride in their club to observe and celebrate its traditions. They understand that they are an integral part of their private club's community and hand down its traditions generation tp generation.
  • Spirit of Generosity in the Community: Frenchman's Creek Beach and Country Club not only takes pride in its private community but in the surrounding public community as well. They give back to the community and the nation through generously giving time, resources, and finances to philanthropic and participatory relationships.
  • Prudent Fiscal Management: Great clubs plan and invest well with guided wisdom in financial matters. They have a well established and strict distribution of funds across all channels of the club community to maintain services and facilities and an exceptional level.
  • Universal Acknowledgement of Greatness: Great clubs are known. They're touted universally and their accolades heard from afar. They possess timeless wisdom, progressing to cope and build community within its members. It's common knowledge that the club's future prospect is always growing in excellence.
Come enjoy the Florida lifestyle many only dream of. Welcome to Frenchman’s Creek Beach & Country Club in beautiful Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. For more information please call toll free (877) 781-7111 or visit

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